Writing a Novel

You have heard the saying that everyone has at least one book in them. That is where most of them should stay say some of the professionals. This is a glib outlook, afterall some of them have to be good don’t they?

Getting that book out of you and on paper may well be something that you want to do but writing is in your blood it will be something that you have to do. It will not always be great but each time you write something that is rubbish it makes you better as a writer.Visit online https://demandingcontent.pk/for more details, I have written all my life and until a few years ago I never took it seriously. I now know that writing wasn’t just something I wanted to do but something that was inside of me.

When I decided that I wanted to try writing seriously I took a creative writing course. It is amazing what you don’t see in your own writing until you know what to look for. My first attempts were awful but with the support of the tutor I grew more confident in what I was doing and each piece was better than the last.

My dream is to write a novel and have it published. To get to that dream I started off with the writing course. This in turn led me to write short stories and then progress to writing novella. I have published the novella and a book of short stories through Amazon. I am now nearing the end of a novel I began three years ago.

I now that this novel will still not be published by anyone other than myself but I also know that it is the best writing I have ever done. I feel that I am learning all the time and with my newfound ability to actually write as though no one will ever read it (which might be the case anyway!) I am getting better all the time.

Learning to edit is also a key skill that is very hard to master. Quite often if is the part that you think is the best that is causing the whole piece to fall down. Once you understand these things you will be able to overcome them.

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